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Hard Truths About Returning Home from a Trip


I spent a little over two weeks traveling through Seattle and Austin and now I’m home in cold, snowy Chicago. I have to admit I’m actually quite happy to be sitting at my desk drinking green tea with honey and working on writing and projects for the vintage store.

But of course, there are some hard truths that are a bit harder to accept. Here’s a few:

1. Grocery Problems

You know how you clean out the fridge before you leave and say, “I’m not going to go grocery shopping because I’m going to be away for two weeks?” Well, I’m not going to say that isn’t smart, but I am going to say that waking up this morning and realizing there really isn’t much to eat has been a bit sobering. I should have bought a couple of cans of organic soup or something…

2. No fancy latte for breakfast

I just came from one of the coffee capitol’s of the United States where everything I drank was incredibly delicious and decorated with cute latte art hearts. Now, here I am drinking green tea with honey, which is delicious but can’t really compete with my dirty chai with almond milk.

3. Lack of Sun

This may not be a problem depending on where you live but currently it is grey in Chicago. Grey sky. Grey trees. Grey snow. There is not even a peek of sunlight. Yesterday I was sitting on a patio in Austin, Texas. Two days ago I was lying in a park sun bathing. Spring is going to come soon, right?

4. Unpacking

The only thing I hate more than packing is unpacking. Every time I go to do something I realize that the thing I want is still packed away. Want to see? Better find your eye glasses in your bag. Want to brush your teeth? Good luck finding that sucker buried in there somewhere. Want to wear pants? You should probably do some laundry.

5. Cooking

So wait, let me get this straight? I have to find recipes, make a grocery list, go grocery shopping and make my own meals from now on? Yeah, that didn’t happen last night, we ordered pizza.  See also: dishes.

6. Alarms

I wont lie, I set alarms while I was on my trip but it was for fun things like wanting to get coffee early in the morning at Pike Place Market or not wanting to miss prime sunning hours. I definitely was not setting an alarm to remind myself to get up in time to complete my long to-do list of things I didn’t do before I went on my trip, saying, “I’ll do that when I get home.”

I.E.: Taxes.

7. One is the Loneliest Number

I’m sorry, where did the hostel common room go? Where did free breakfast and chats with strangers go? Where did spending every waking moment with my husband go? Now I’m sitting here in my cold apartment, drinking my now cold tea and staring out the window at the lifeless streets counting down the hours till my husband comes home. Hello Chicago, is there anybody out there?

8. Work

So I’m lucky because half of my work consists of writing and preparing vintage goods for sale, but there are tenuous parts that come with even the most fun jobs.  I really won’t complain too much here, except to say my work duties are definitely going to interfere with my celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and that would not be a problem if I were still on vacation.

9. Illness

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I somehow end up sick at the end of any trip I take on an airplane. I drink raw juice and Echinacea tea, suck on zinc lozenges, and still I come home and develop some sort of illness.

10. Bad Public Transportation

Again, depending on where you live this may not be a problem, but since I reside in Chicago with the good old CTA I can tell you that coming home and having to wait for unreliable buses in the freezing cold is not exactly a perk.

11. The Good in the Ugly

Because this long winter has made me very negative, I’d like to practice some positivity.  So here is a list of the great things about coming home:

  • sleeping in your own bed
  • taking a hot, long shower
  • having everything you need readily available
  • the ability to do laundry
  • friends and family
  • a quiet place to rest
  • being able to go to your favorite coffee shops and restaurants
  • not lugging around everything you own
  • having your favorite honey on hand (this IS a big deal, okay)
  • correct clothing and shoe options (not just what you thought you might need)
  • not feeling bad about lounging around because you’ve already explored your own neighborhood and it’s not 70 degrees outside

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