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Writer’s Advice: An Empty Workspace


Beginner writers often email me and ask for advice. This is something I’m still trying to get used to because I consider myself a beginner writer as well. I definitely don’t have all the answers, but one thing I do know is that an open workspace has completely changed my life.

I used to sit at my kitchen table and write. I was constantly scraping up crumbs and moving dishes around. I was constantly finding everything I needed and bringing it to one place.

I have a desk in my office that I share with my husband. A vintage door with a skeleton key propped on two horses. I love that desk dearly and it holds all of my drafts and manuscripts and (one of) my beloved typewriter(s): Earl.  I call it my writing altar. There’s a framed picture my husband designed of Sylvia Plath with a tea kettle for her head and Charles Bukowski. I like to think its garnering creativity for me.

But the place where I have been able to get the most editing done is my empty work space. I bought the desk, lamp and chair from IKEA and it was the best $180 I have ever spent.

(Disclaimer: I use ‘my’ loosely, as my husband is always saying, “Ohh, it’s YOUR desk, is it?” We share. He uses it for designing and hand lettering. It’s getting a lot of love in our house. We like to bask in the sunlight.)

See more photos of my workspace on my Instagram.

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