Literature / Paper

Read: Pithead Chapel


I truly believe literature can change the world. At a reading for Creative Nonfiction Brian Doyle said, “Tell the right story at the right time and the universe advances an inch.”

Could you imagine our lives without art?

Art makes all the painful parts more bearable. The right art makes the painful parts comprehensible.

Upon reading one of my favorite online literary journals Pithead Chapel, I came across two stories that advanced my universe a few inches.

For anyone currently dealing with grief or anyone that remembers what grief feels like, this non-fiction piece from Pithead Chapel’s Volume 3, Issue 2, “The Smell of Grief” written by Kirie Pedersen reminds us that we’re not alone in these feelings.

“You might feel you’re going crazy or perhaps you’ve always been crazy.” – Kirie Pedersen

The next piece written by  Paul Crenshaw, “Feldgrau” in Volume 3, Issue 3 of Pithead Chapel is about war in the universal sense. I love the focus on color and the impact this has on the overall story. This is so much more than a piece about war. It is about how we survive and relate.

“The grey is not grey, but some other color. Something in between so a soldier might hide in city or country. It looks to me like winter. Like cold winds over a leached landscape.” – Paul Crenshaw



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