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Fantasizing About Coffee


Some mornings the only thing that lures me out of bed is coffee. Before I go to sleep I plan what kind of coffee I am going to make and fantasize about sitting at my desk looking out a sunny window and writing. I really try to prime myself to wake up early.

Honestly, it usually doesn’t work.

The reality looks more like this: I wake up and go, “Ughhhh I don’t want to do anything, and I don’t feel creative at all.” And then I lay in bed and think about making coffee for awhile before finally doing so. And then usually writing doesn’t follow but a lot of Instagramming, shamefully.

I can’t be the only one. Right? … Right?!

Help me out here.

Anyways, if you’re like me, only the perfect cup of coffee is going to get you out of bed. And for me, the perfect cup of coffee looks like a latte I spent $5 on but was actually free. Here’s what you’re going to need:

This little life-saver I bought at IKEA for $2.50.


(In case you need some very menial directions on how to make coffee)

First, I brew the coffee. I like to use a French press, but whatever makes you happy.

Then I heat almond milk up in the mug I’m using or a separate one if I’m feeling fancy. After heating the almond milk I whip it with this milk frother until it turns foamy on top.

Then I pour my coffee into my favorite thrifted mug (I have way too many, ask my husband), and then I pour the foamy,whipped almond milk on top. And what ensues is a deliciously foamy top that looks like I’m about to drink a really awesome latte at some chic café in Chicago where they are just really terrible at latte art.

But really its just coffee. Super delicious foamy coffee with a bit of raw sugar in it and it absolutely, totally gets me out of bed (most days).


See also: Mornings after I watch Mad Men or Twin Peaks, because could those people drink anymore coffee? Seriously.







3 thoughts on “Fantasizing About Coffee

  1. Hahaha!! What a great post!! I make my morning coffee last as loooong as possible! Every single sip is precious! And instead of using sugar now, I use honey. Oh I am dreaming of tomorrow’s coffee already! 😊

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