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Easy, Natural Skin Care Routine to Fight Acne


I blame my father for all my bad attributes. I’m kidding, Dad, kind of…

He did give me really great legs so I’ll forgive him for also passing on his acne gene and unruly eyebrows.

All through high school I battled acne. It wasn’t until recently, actually, that I learned a super easy and effective skin routine to fight acne.

Here it is:

Step one: African Black Soap

Lately I have been using this brand but I have also used Shea Moisture’s bars. The African Black Soap is the key to fighting break outs.




Step two: Witch Hazel Toner

Don’t let fancy brands fool you. You don’t need to spend more than $3 or $4 on a bottle of witch hazel. I get generic brands from Target or Jewel. Just pour some on a cotton ball and tone away.



Step three: Moisturize


Currently I am using this brand and mixing vitamin E oil into it. Vitamin E oil helps to heal your skin. I like to use a concentrated amount of vitamin E oil on my breakouts to help them heal faster. You can also use it on scrapes. I like this brand because it is gel based and not cream based. I have found that the gel base moisturizes my face better and fights shine.

I  have also learned some valuable lessons about the importance of staying hydrated for your skin’s health. Avoiding dairy and meat because it is filled with hormones and instead focusing on foods that support skin health such as nuts, avocados, beets, carrots and garlic.


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